X-Tai Chi Scissor

Wireless Capability Easy to Charge Technical specification Carbon blade HRC °

Wireless Capability

- An easy and very lightweight device without cable inconvenience.
- 1.5 hrs. charge / 2 hrs. use

Easy to Charge

- USB adaptor connection plug
- High-quality lithium-ion battery
CAUTION: X-Tai Chi may cause a shorter life in cases of overcharging more than 10 hours or at full discharge.

Technical specification

- Size: 183 x 65 x 24mm
- Weight: 125g
- Motor: DC 3.7V
- Outputs: DC5V, 0.9A
- Power consumtion: 5w

Carbon blade HRC °

- Carbon blade HRC 63 °
- High Hardened Steel for a long-lasting quality
CAUTION: Place 1~2 drops of oil before, during and after using this clipper.

New Invention

This is a high-tech made in Korean device which can be used as a scissor but at the same time having the benefits of a clipper.
This scissor will make the stylists' cutting & styling much FASTER, EASIER & HEALTHIER.

- Tennis elbow symptom
- Repetitive strain injuries
- Carpal tunnel syndrome

Box content

- 1 pc. Scissor Clipper
- 1 pc. USB cable + Adaptor
- 1 pc of cleaning brush
- 1 bottle of oil
- 3 different sizes of guide combs
- Manual

How to use

X-Tai Chi Scissor has been developed for convenient specialized clippers and became one of the best worldwide products for the professional hair stylists.

Watch here a short video clip about how to use this unique device. You will see some basic techniques and the differences between X-Tai Chi Scissor Clipper and the conventional haircut scissors.