Tourmaline Hair Straightener

Latest Technolgy Dual Voltage 360° Rotatable Cable The Tourmaline

Latest Technolgy

Using the latest technology makes JR-Hair Straightener a light & easy tool to work

Dual Voltage

Dual voltage (120V to 220V)
Wherever you go, JR-Tourmaline Hair Straightener goes with you

360° Rotatable Cable

360° Rotatable & extra LONG cable
Convenient & long lasting rotatable cable

The Tourmaline

- Natural Volcanic Rock Minerals infused into JR-Hair Straightener emit negative ions that drive tiny water molecules deep into hair

Happy Hair

Jeff Reiisi treats your hair with THE BEST

- Not a regular hair straightener
- A Perfect Tool for a shiny, smoother and healthier hair
- The blades are made of neither ceramic nor metal but a mineral stone called TOURMALINE
- This NATURAL VOLCANIC MINERAL with constant and even heat infuses micro hydration which provide ultimate shine and condition

A vibrating plate technology

A vibrating plate technology will take care of hair shuffling and therefore all the hair strands will slides along the heated TOURMALINE plates. That means a treatment for almost every individual hair strand

A professional one-inch styling iron, featuring VIBRATING plates take care of hair shuffling for a smooth & perfect styling


- Sonic polishing from roots to ends
- Producing negative ions = trapping moisture into the hair
- Reduced heat plus higher moisture levels = make hair far more shiny and healthy and keeping your desired style in place longer
- Ideal iron for the keratin treatment