Tai-Chi Texturizing Series

The best to be used for texturizing handling and to reappear salon arts.
Price: $375.00

Product Description

This Tai-Chi combine texturizing has one 15 tooth and outer 27 tooth and the edge of the Scissors is shape this is the best to used for texturizing handling and to reappear salon arts by customers themselves at any moment.

Texturizing series adjusting hair volume from hair root to hair Ends * texturize hair root, Support & prevent from out of shape and adjust the volume from hair roots to hair ends, control the direction of the hair flow, create soft & light effects also with this two combine scissors you can create a hairstyle with multi-layers and Natural effects with no tool mark.

  • Create soft & light effects
  • Control the direction of the hair flow
  • Support, Adjust the spacing from hair roots to hair ends

Use: for thinning curly and straight hairs and sharpening tip of hair and bangs


  • Unique design ensures comfortable use
  • Available sizes: 5.5
  • 1pcs of cutting scissors combined with 1pcs of thinning scissors.
  • Multiple Scissors for effortless cutting and slicing.
  • Screw system is up to your choice.
  • Multi choice of titanium color plating on scissors and screws.
  • Suitable for all cutting technique
  • Double scissors/special hairdressing scissors/barber shears.
  • Special hairdressing scissors/Thinning & Texturizing hair scissors/professional hair cutting shears.