Tai-Chi Cutting Series

Twin-scissors, upper with straight blade, and lower with jagged blades.
Price: $375.00

Product Description

Point Cutting, function soft hair ends effects & light, airy to cut in any angles and positions, layer, also to make bob & geometric hair ends effect with this two combine scissors you can make as many style you want in a short time and best result.

Features: 2 twin-scissors joint; upper scissor with straight blade, and lower scissor with jagged blades.

Use: simultaneous hair cutting and pinking shears


  • Unique design ensures comfortable use
  • Available sizes: 5.5
  • 1pcs of cutting scissors combined with 1pcs of thinning scissors.
  • Multiple Scissors for effortless cutting and slicing.
  • Screw system is up to your choice.
  • Multi choice of titanium color plating on scissors and screws.
  • Suitable for all cutting technique
  • Double scissors/special hairdressing scissors/barber shears.
  • Special hairdressing scissors/Thinning & Texturizing hair scissors/professional hair cutting shears.