Heat resistant material that adds durability and strength. Eliminates frizz and creates silky smooth hair. Copper barrel heats up and cools quickly, which is great for creating amazing curls and body.
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Product Description

  • Copper eliminates frizz and creates silky smooth hair.
  • Heat resistant material adds durability and strength.
  • Copper barrel heats up and cools quickly, great for creating curls and body.
  • Maintain healthy hair and scalp with confidence; Discover the difference!
  • Infused with copper-this brush kills the fungus that causes dandruff and a dry flaky scalp.
  • It also destroys bacteria and fungus associated with common scalp conditions.
  • Copper kills the leading cause of dandruff.

Hair Brush Revolution with Copper

Superior Material for Heat Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why copper ?
    Because it’s for faster styling due to its with superior material for heat transfer and eliminating frizz.
  • What is the difference between copper brushes and outer brushes in the market?
    Copper eliminates frizz and makes hair shinier, styles hair faster and easier compared to alum-barrel brushes.
  • Why copper kills bacteria?
    Copper has a broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against bacteria, fungi and viruses that is proven in many scientific studies.
  • Why use 100% natural hair bristles on the inserted bar?
    Because of extreme grip and shine.
  • Why Naturally Antimicrobial?
    Copper destroy 88% of bacteria preventing dandruff, itching and flaking.
  • How can I buy the copper brush?
    You can order online on the website or you can call us to order.
  • How can we become a distributor for copper brushes?
    You can contact our sales or customer service for more details.
  • Is copper hair brush distributed in US only?
    Yes it's only in US now but we are looking for distributors all around the world.
  • I live outside of US, can I still order the copper brushes?
    Yes you can order online on the website.
  • Is copper brush good for all hair types?
    Yes it can be used for all hair types.