• Hair Brush Revolution with Copper

About Jeff Reiisi

A world class stylist with years of experiences in the hairstyling industry!
He is a world class stylist with tremendous experience in the beauty and Hair Styling industries. As a world wide experienced entrepreneur he has used his passion and creativity for more than 25 years to invent smart professional tools to innovate and revolutionize the art of hair styling.

Jeff has also been a great influence in developing and educating hair professionals globally as a Key note in International Events, Symposiums, Conferences and Academic Forums. Jeff has gone beyond the limits of hair styling, he has impacted and changed the beauty industry with extraordinary techniques.

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Discover the difference

Jeff Reiisi's products are designed to empower you and your hair. A Sophisticated and Exclusive You!
  • Newest Technology in Thermal Hair Brushes

    Copper heat resistant material adds durability and strength. Eliminates frizz and creates silky smooth hair. Copper barrel heats up and cools quickly, which is great for creating curls and body.

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  • The Most Unique Shear in the Industry

    Tai-Chi Scissors creates strong, special soft and fragmental effects. Light and comfortable on your hand for men's and women's hair cut. Tai-Chi comes in Texturising, Styling and Cutting Series.

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